Realizing that sharing of memories is the foundation for healing experiences after incurring a loss; Fellows, Helfenbein, & Newnam has created Zoomorials.

While some in the death care industry have chosen to cling to the traditional ways of gathering that are no longer in step with current possibilities, others have been seeking innovative ways to bring families together through the use of technology. 

What is a zoomorial?

What is a zoomorial?

On a specified day and time, our trained associates will host an online gathering for family and friends to participate.  Through the social platform Zoom, guests will be given the opportunity to interact with one another and share in the memories of the one they love.  Our trained staff will collaborate with your family to create a healing experience of pre-recorded services, slide show and memories. This designated time together provides a time of closure that is paramount to the healing process after loosing a loved one.

Who can participate in a Zoomorial?

Who can participate in a Zoomorial?

Anyone that is provided the event link.  We’ve seen a Zoomorial link be emailed, texted and even placed at the bottom of an obituary notice.  Replace the line “services will be held at a later date” with “a Zoomorial celebration will be held on …”.  

Zoomorial Etiquette

Zoomorial Etiquette

Join early.

  • Joining early allows you time to troubleshoot any issues, ask any questions of our staff, and get settled before the services begin. 

Ensure that you have a clean, appropriate background.

  • Eliminate distractions.
  • Refrain from eating and drinking during the Zoomorial service.
  • Be mindful of your body language.
  • Check your lighting.  More lighting is better.

Look into the camera when talking instead of looking at yourself.

  • If you are speaking, looking into the camera will give the appearance of eye contact with whoever you are talking to.

Be aware of your audio and video settings.

  • Make sure you do a test run at some point, and that you are aware of your audio and video settings before you start. Most video conference services allow you to see a test of what your camera is recording before you start broadcasting it to everyone else, so have it arranged the way you want it. Zoom, for instance, has a feature that lets you test your settings before your meetings begin: just go to zoom.us/test.
  • Stay muted if you are not speaking. Background noises can be very distracting.

Dress appropriately as if you were physically attending a funeral or memorial service, in person.

  • Do not wear your pajamas.

Troubleshooting guide

If you are having troubles connecting or participating in a Zoomorial, we've put together a troubleshooting guide for the most common issues.

Click Here to Download the Zoomorial Troubleshooting Guide

Contact us today to learn more about our Zoomorial Ceremonies.

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