atlantic Ash scattering

The only legal option for ocean ash scattering in the waters around the Chesapeake area.

Ash scattering by Atlantic Scattering

Ash scattering by Atlantic Scattering

Atlantic Scattering offers assistance to families seeking the ability scatter ashes in the ocean as the final resting place for a loved one’s cremated remains. Atlantic Scattering is based in Maryland and scatters cremated remains in accordance with the state and federal laws.

what is atlantic ash scattering

what is atlantic ash scattering

Ash Scattering through the Atlantic Scattering Service is a private process with oversight of licensed professionals of the funeral and cremation profession. Atlantic Ash Scattering is a process where cremated remains are taken in the Atlantic Ocean, beyond 12 nautical miles from shore, for private placement. Utilizing biodegradable, eco-friendly receptacles for water scattering, the ash scattering process ensures all cremated remains are respectfully placed into the Atlantic Ocean. 

Photographs are taken during the placement of the biodegradable receptacle into the water, documentation recorded of the precise GPS longitude and latitude, and a certificate is issued to the family noting visual details of the Ash Scattering process.

Frequently Asked questions?

  • Can't I just scatter my loved one in the water where I want to?
    In a word - No. Nearly every regulatory agency in country has made it almost impossible to legally scatter human cremated remains in the waters surrounding our area. Any scattering of ashes in the Chesapeake Bay itself is completely prohibited.

  • My loved one fished the waters just off the coast which would be a perfect eternal resting place for them, can I specify where my loved one is scattered?
    Laws require scattering to take place a minimum of 3 nautical miles from the coast, however there are still further regulations that place restrictions on the waters between 3 and 12 nautical miles from the shore. This is why our services always scatter no less than 12 nautical miles from the shore.

  • Can my loved one's cremated remains be stored in a reef in the Chesapeake Bay?
    Prior to 2012, this was allowed, however new regulations went into effect in April 2012 which disallowed cremated remains to be placed in reefs in our area.

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