Crematory Guarantee

How does our Crematory Guarantee work?

Ensuring your loved one’s identity is of utmost importance.

At Fellows, Helfenbein & Newnam Funeral Home, we take the following steps to ensure the integrity of your loved one's cremated remains:

An identification tag is placed with your loved one as soon as they are received in our care.

Your family is provided the opportunity for a final viewing for the purposes of a positive identification before cremation.

Once the necessary paperwork has been signed and the required cremation permits are secured, the loved one is escorted to our privately owned crematory by a member of our funeral home staff.

The deceased’s arrival at the crematory is documented into the crematory log, and the date and time of arrival and signature of the staff member is noted on the required permits.

A uniquely numbered metal disc accompanies the loved one during cremation, and this number is documented in the log and on the resulting paperwork, including the certificate of cremation.

After the cremation process occurs, the cremated ashes are placed in a temporary container, the numbered metal disc is placed within, and the number is placed on the label of the container along with the name of the deceased to ensure proper identification of the remains.

A funeral home employee signs the remains out of the crematory and into the funeral home via a logbook, which includes the name and identification number of the deceased.

Upon arrival at the funeral home, the ashes are once again checked for identification, and remain securely held and labeled until the family directs otherwise, such as placement in a permanent urn, scattering or burial at a cemetery.

After the cremation process is complete, the required cremation permits are then filed with the state, assuring that a named deceased received the proper oversight and care during final disposition.