Funerals as Unique as Your Life

Funerals as Unique as Your Life

Life is full of opportunities to show someone we love them. One such opportunity is the funeral or memorial service. Such a loving event celebrates the choices they made, the relationship you shared, and honors the memory of your loved one.

  • Explore the Possibilities

    Explore the Possibilities

    Visualize the possibilities with this unique planning tool. Scroll through the images with the slider, and when you’ve found yourself inspired, visit Designing Your Funeral for additional support in planning a service as unique as the life well-lived.

  • Honoring Life

    Honoring Life

    Taking the time to design your service is a loving act. We invite you to explore the seemingly infinite number of ways to celebrate and honor a life.

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  • Funeral & Burial Services

    Funeral & Burial Services

    Through our All-Inclusive Cremation & Funeral Options, we can provide you the necessary guidance in creating a perfect final farewell.  Whether it be a traditional religious ceremony, unique Celebration of Life or an alternative basic service, we offer you the necessary assistance to help through the healing process. 

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  • Cremation Services

    Cremation Services

    It's often seen as easier not to have a memorial service or funeral, and it's certainly seen as a less expensive alternative. But we're here to say this: an easy, cheaper path is not always better one. Grief experts all agree: a ceremony is an important part of the healing process.

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  • Crematory Guarantee

    Crematory Guarantee

    Grieving families making cremation arrangements should never have added worry about their cremation service provider. There should be no suspicion that their chosen crematory is intentionally cutting corners or simply not paying attention to important details. That's why we put our process in writing.

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  • Atlantic Ash Scattering

    Atlantic Ash Scattering

    Atlantic Scattering offers assistance to families seeking water scattering as the final resting place for a loved one’s cremated remains. Atlantic Scattering is based in Maryland and scatters cremated remains in accordance with the state and federal laws.

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  • Celebration of Life Enhancements

    Celebration of Life Enhancements

    There are many unique and creative ways to honor the memory of your loved one. Perhaps one or more of these will match your desires.

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  • Pet Cremation Services

    Pet Cremation Services

    The death of a family pet is often our first experience with the loss of a loved one. It gives  a unique opportunity to celebrate life and come together as a family. At such a time, you can turn to us with confidence to handle your beloved pet's cremation.  We will help you make the best decision for you and your animal companion.

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  • Burial & Cremation Merchandise

    Burial & Cremation Merchandise

    Find unique products like urns, jewelry, keepsakes, blankets and other items that can enhance your final farewell. Learn about ways to personalize your experience. Our highly trained professionals can assist in all aspects of customization. 

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  • Veteran's Funeral Services

    Veteran's Funeral Services

    We believe those who served our nation are deserving of special attention, and we will take care of all details in securing the benefits your veteran is entitled to receive.

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  • Personalized Concierge

    Personalized Concierge

    We’ve found that many families get overwhelmed after the services for a loved one are completed. That is why we will provide you with a personal Funeral Concierge, who will assist you in any way they can.

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  • Zoomorials


    While some in the death care industry have chosen to cling to the traditional ways of gathering that are no longer in step with current possibilities, others have been seeking innovative ways to bring families together through the use of technology. 

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