Funeral Concierge

We know that grief does not subside after the funeral. In fact, it sometimes becomes harder to deal with. Even those simple everyday obligations can become wearisome. This is why we believe in extended services beyond the funeral service.

After the passing of a loved one, many people ask themselves, “Now what?” Maybe they know what needs to occur but just don’t know where to begin. We have found that many families get overwhelmed after the services for a loved one are completed, complicating their grieving during the days, and weeks after a loss.

That is why we provide our families with a personal Funeral Concierge. They assist in any way they can, including bereavement support, processing complex benefits paperwork, even arranging for delivery of groceries, house or yard care, or necessary car repairs. Your dedicated Funeral Concierge can help you resolve these problems. They will be in constant contact and readily available to the family until your loved one’s affairs are settled and the emotional strain is lifted.

This is just one more way our funeral home expresses its ongoing commitment to serve our families in any way we can. Please call us to learn more about this exclusive service to our families.